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Author Biography: Born just about as late in 1960 as a person can be, I was given the gift of words by my father, Wesley Jr., who was both brilliant and eloquent. I earned a college degree in the SUNY system and after years of work in the computer field, found myself and my knowledge to be obsolete. A four year stint toiling at more menial work, and a subsequent stroke convinced me that life is short and one should pursue one's passion. So I took what had always been a passion (tinkering with words) much more seriously, and here we are now.

 I have produced a short story collection, and a poetry collection that is soon to be released, and which I hope you will give a chance. My next project will be to complete one of at least four first drafts of full-length novels, all of which are between 65% and 80% complete. I write because I love the satisfaction of finding the right words and getting them perfectly aligned. I love the high of some reader saying, “Why don't you have books on bookstore shelves everywhere?” or, “Absolutely perfect write...the lines flow effortlessly. The thought within this poem is something that every writer experiences. Those words or ideas linger inside us waiting to be shaped into something that is our very own.”

I feel sorry for people who need a foreign substance to get high. I get mine from writing something that resonates with people, and every time I get it right, I want to do it again. I can't ever get enough!





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